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As a composer, Eduardo Fernández studied with Héctor Tosar (approx. 1980-1984), and he has participated in composition seminars with Helmut Lachenmann, Dieter Schnebel and Nikolaus A.Huber. He was invited to visit Germany by the Deutscher Musikrat, where he had the opportunity to show his production and have several encounters with important German composers, among others Helmut Lachenmann, Dieter Schnebel and Matthias Spahlinger. Apart from some early works, his activity as a composer begins in 1980, when he got a prize in a competition in Uruguay for his "Two pieces for string quartet".

His production tends simultaneously to aesthetics of sparseness and to those of the very elaborate. The "austere" works tend generally to conceptual ideas (for instance, "A Meditation on 'Sakura'" or "Esto no es una pieza"), where the musical events have the purpose of suggesting various processes, sometimes built with the help of mathematics; the "elaborate" works (the most typical example would be "Quiero decir" (tr."I mean" or"I want to say" or "I want to speak") tend to have great richness of detail, and they base their events in the exhaustive development of musical elements.

For guitar or guitars:

  • Sonatina (I. Andante – Allegro moderato – Tempo I; II. Presto)
    Composed in 1975. Not released (early composition)

  • Toccata for 3 guitars
    Composed in 1979. First performance 1980 by the Trio Opus 12 (Sao Paulo)
  • Procesión
    Composed in 1980. Not released. Length: ca. 2 Minutes.
  • El Punto Quieto
    Composed in 1981. First performance 1981 by the composer (NMN)
  • Constelación
    Composed in 1982. First performance 1983 by the composer. Length ca. 4 Minutes.
  • Trayectoria : excercise for 5 guitars.
    Composed in 1983. First performance 1983 (Instituto Crandon) by Mario Payssée. Ramiro Agriel, Eduardo Baranzano and Alvaro Carlevaro, directed by the composer.
  • Consecuencias (El Punto Móvil)
    Composed in 1983. First performance 1984 by the composer (en el ciclo del NMN).
    Length ca. 8 Minutes. Dedicada a M. A. Girollet.  Editada by ART EDICIONES.
  • Tres fáciles (1. Pulso – 2. Sobre "Milongueos" de Broqua – 3. Doble)
    Composed in 1985. First performance IX/86 by the composer.
    Length: ca. 6 Minutes. Editada: Ricordi Bs.As.(1989) BA 13463
  • Esto no es una pieza
    Composed in 1994. First performance VII/95 by the composer (casa Bertolt Brecht)
    Length: ca. 6 Minutes
  • A Meditation on "Sakura" (for 4 guitars)
    Composed in 1995. First performance 1996 (NMN) by the Cuarteto Gandhara. Dedicated to  Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Edited by Gendai Guitar (Japón) (published on November 2000). Length: ca. 9 Minutes.
  • Astor visits Heitor (for 2 guitars)
    Composed in 2000. Dedicated to Shin-Ichi Fukuda.

Other media:

  • Dos piezas for string quartet. 
    Composed 1980, revisado 1982. First performance by Cuarteto Anglo, 1980 (NMN). Length ca. 7 Minutes.
  • Psikhé for 4 soprano recorders. 
    Composed 1982. Not released. Length ca. 7 Minutes.
  • Formal for harpsichord. 
    Composed 1982. First performance by Eduardo Gilardoni (1985, NMN). Length ca. 5 Minutes.
  • Perspectivas (for guitar and strings: 4 violins, 2 violas, 1 violoncello, 1 contrabasso).
    Composed in 1982-3. First performance 1986 by the composer and the Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal, dir. P. I. Calderón. Length: ca. 12 Minutes
  • Quinteto for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and corn. 
    Composed 1983. Not released. Length ca. 20 Minutes.
  • Luna for 8 voice choir, on a text by Líber Falco. 
    Composed in 1984. Not released. Length ca. 5 Minutes.
  • Opuestos for solo flute. 
    Composed in 1986. First performance 1986 by Graciela Svara (NMN).
  • Quiero decir (flute, violín and guitar)
    Composed in 1991-2. First performance 1993 by Fernando Hasaj, Gladys Margounato and the  composer (NMN). Length ca. 8 Minutes. Dedicated to Fernando Hasaj and Gladys Margounato